You have a point

“I don’t want to waste my wishes by saying, ‘I wish,’ all the time.”

“Are your wishes finite, or are they just a focus for your will?  I think they’re one of those sailor superstitions with endearing rituals that are fun to maintain.   There’s still a luck factor involved in wishes that makes it sooo satisfying when they come true.  One of my favorite sayings is that luck is the residue of hard work and design.  I think luck itself is the chance to take advantage of opportunities that you find from the work and planning that you have already invested.  When  you work hard and you’re well prepared, you can pay enough attention to sieze the good opportunities.  When the ‘luck’ is an opportunity that you’ve wished for, it feels really good to have it ‘come true.’  Still, you’ve usually worked for it to come true.”  She’s quiet now.  I’m rambling and she’s being polite enough to listen and wait.

A few seconds of silence pass for effect, or just good measure.  “It’s not that there’s a limited number of wishes; it’s that the feelings are too important to waste by saying it too much.  You should only make the wish when it’s really important, so it stays precious.”

My heart aches in my chest and I feel it in my fingertips.  I just hadn’t thought I was that important.

“I wish I could see you now.”


About Chris Reeves

I am the son of a hairdresser. I like talking to strangers.

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